Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Uh Oh!

I went off to the dreaded grocery store on Sunday, mainly for cat food but as always, I took a peek in the health aisle to see if generic Excedrin was on special As you know, I suffer from migraines and Excedrin is the one OTC medication that has any effect. Taking some instantly at the first signs of an onset can sometimes mean the difference between it receding to barely there and becoming a full-blown migraine so I try to keep some on hand at all times.

You can imagine my dismay to discover there wasn’t any. No, not merely empty spaces where it should have been. The entire section, brand name, generic, all of it had vanished entirely. It’s been replaced with all the standard stuff but who cares? None of that does any good so I’m better off eating M&Ms than taking anything else.

There was a minor recall back in January but even if that trickled down and caused it to be out of stock why obliterate the section? Or if they want to fill in the space why not just carry everything over and leave the tags on the shelf to indicate it’s coming back?

Yes, I will be asking next time I’m there if it’s still missing. Depending on the answer I may have to switch stores. I hate to shop so no way am I going to two. Or perhaps that won’t be necessary. I took my own advice and checked Amazon, since everything you could possibly need is available there. Yep, they had a generic brand at a very decent price so I’m good again.

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