Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Voice ~ A Political Statement

Reposted with permission.

"To the gentlemen in charge of the government of this once great nation,

I am one male voice, a single but fearless voice, you will hear my words or you will not, but ignore me at your peril because your towers are no longer unassailable, your fortresses are no longer impregnable and the barbarians are restless, angry and growing more and more disillusioned by the hour.

We have, for many years now slouched in laziness before our television screens, with game controllers or remotes in our hands as your lackeys in the media ran an ever more insulting parade of what was supposed to be humanity past us in ever more highly defined detail. We as males watched ourselves carved into the stereotype of the bumbling, idiotic, bigoted fathers or husbands.

We have idly watched you generalize and commercialize our children into idiots, at your behest we left none of them behind but in doing so, we taught very few of them to climb, to fight, to strive or to think and you got what you wanted out of that, didn't you? You got entire generations too lazy, un-socialized, lacking in empathy and satisfied with the status quo to understand that something was very wrong!

We have done nothing as you have sculpted the women into either vacuous tart tit-jiggling idiots, or when you couldn’t make them fit that mold you tried to make us believe that they were tyrannical, emasculating bitches and feminists and any woman that existed between those two extremes was by your calculations fat, insecure or meaningless. Women have been made to second guess themselves into creatures that they, we and each other are terribly uncomfortable with. Beyond that, your new agenda of inserting yourselves into their wombs, their medicine cabinets and their very bedrooms and the lack of resistance you are encountering, worries the hell out of me. These are the mothers of us all, and you do not have the right to make decision for them, or truthfully, for any of us. That was not the agreement when we gave you the jobs originally.

We have very quietly gone about our ant farm lives, buying what you sell us at ever increasing costs even though we now have the technology to figure out what your profits truly are, and yet, we have been silent. We have been silent as you backed us into a box where we could be watched and controlled, and a lot of us, a majority of us fell for it. You no longer fear us, do you? You have mastered us, made us into slaves, made us into worker bees to fuel your hive, even when we rise up, you know that you have destroyed our passion and our attention spans, you have made us afraid, greedy, selfish, and unable to communicate with each other the pain we are feeling at the death of all we were.

You have taken every advantage to further your own financial agendas, gathering the coins to you until you were inundated beneath them and unaware that some of us had begun paying very close attention.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote that “The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.” And “A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned — this is the sum of good government.”

The government of this country was formed in order to ensure the freedom of its people! That is it, and that is all. Not to become wealthy and elite, not to regulate the very minutia of our lives. Nowhere were you given the right to control our sex lives, our explorations of self, our freedom to worship or not, our ability to defend ourselves from all enemies both foreign and domestic. You were not given the right to place yourselves in our wombs, bedrooms, temples, forests, homes, in our very day to day lives, this was a right you took, a right you assumed and we allowed you to do it.

“What if Democrats and Republicans were two wings of the same bird of prey?

What if elections were actually useful tools of social control? What if they just provided the populace with meaningless participation in a process that validates an establishment that never meaningfully changes? What if that establishment doesn’t want and doesn’t have the consent of the governed? What if the two-party system was actually a mechanism used to limit so-called public opinion? What if there were more than two sides to every issue, but the two parties wanted to box you into a corner, one of their corners?” ~ Judge Andrew Napolitano

At this point, I can see only two possible outcomes, but I am just one man, one voice, but all I can see is that you may win, you may turn us all into automaton drones, marching in quiet obedient lockstep to ensure your treasure chambers are full forever for your useless, uncaring progeny. You may win and regulate us into the most boring, empty, shallow, disrespected people on our planet, a people who cannot do as they wish on any level but have been trained since birth to believe that they are happy, fulfilled and living out their greatest passions when you and I both know that those people will never be aware of what those passions might have been.

Or something else may happen. We may ignite. We may rise, explode, rebel against the chains and subtle bondage that you have wrapped us in since we were wet from the womb! We may riot, burn, rage, tear down the walls that you will hide behind when you realize that we have surpassed the fear of your guardians and are willing to die to stop you. We may decide that we are willing to die to be free! Never happen? Look to your history books gentlemen, if you still are able to find them under all the receipts and cash.

You are making us into monsters. Filling us with fear of our own hungers, desires, dreams, and making us insane with the threats against our women and children. I am but one man, but my voice sounds eerily similar to other ones I have heard rising above the din, we are talking to each other, about you, in places where you cannot listen and maybe, just maybe we are going to make it stop…"

Copyright 2012 Lance Cheuvront

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