Monday, March 19, 2012

Saturday at the RSO

I went to the symphony again on Saturday. That’s twice this year! Unbelievable that I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it.

This time the soloist was violinist David Kim, concertmaster for the Philadelphia Orchestra. He performed a Saint-Seans’ violin concerto that was simply spectacular! After intermission, the Youth Orchestra joined the RSO for a piece and ended up playing two instead. What fun that must be. I really wish they’d done things like that back when I was playing. If they had, I might still be playing now.

Musically, it was an extremely enjoyable event. There was one tiny thing however. One of the gentlemen playing French horn had a very annoying quirk that I suspect people who perform with him get used to and stop noticing. They shouldn’t because, to the audience, his activity is annoying and distracting. You see, he twirls his horn. Oh, not fast and not to be flashy. My guess is that he’s emptying the spit to ensure the best tone possible but does he really need to do it between every phrase he plays? The other individuals didn’t do the same. Perhaps that guy is moister than the rest. Maybe I should call and request an interview so I can ask. Hmm, maybe not. That would probably be more than I really want to know about him. Anyway, the music was wonderful and that’s what really matters.

A reminder. Tomorrow is the vernal equinox. Stand your eggs on end!

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