Thursday, June 14, 2012

Close to Forever

I know Close to Forever has been out for a bit but I still really like the story even if I did write it myself.  If you haven't read it yet please do.  It's sweet not erotic, with hostility caused by a long ago misunderstanding and a twist at the end.

Blurb -
Marc is stuck teaching basic mechanics, but he isn’t happy about it.  He’s even less thrilled to discover Chloe in his class. Marc hasn’t seen her since the day she ruined his family.  He should hate her, but the more he learns, the more he feels there’s something that just doesn’t add up.

Chloe is ten minutes late for the first class, and the instructor decides to hold it against her. She’s never met a ruder man. Or a more dangerously attractive one. She doesn’t understand his animosity or the attraction between them.  When Marc has a change of heart, Chloe must decide if he can be trusted.

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