Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Is It?

That prunes are now hyped as dried plums?  And, if that's the way of things, raisins aren't dried grapes?

That there is never any food in my house that I want to eat?

That people think it's acceptable to begin a conversation with "I need?"

That someone who backs in to the side of a stranger's car, smooshing it, thinks it's okay to just drive off without leaving a note even though there is someone else sitting there watching who very likely knows who the car belongs to and is capable of recording a license plate number?

That cats suddenly decide they must eat canned food for breakfast at 4:00 AM or they will perish instantly even though there is dry food left in their bowls which is perfectly acceptable at any other time of day?

That ice cream trucks never ever cruise your neighborhood on days when you've done gobs of physical labor and will permit yourself to flag them down for the first time in two years?

Yeah, it's like this some days.

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