Saturday, June 2, 2012


Started the day with a headache.  How very upsetting!  I spent the first half hour I was awake fighting tears.

But then I forced myself out of bed.  Last night’s almost two inched of rain washed away the heat.  There was very little humidity and the temperature topped out at 70.  It was still in the 50’s when I started out this morning. 

I spent the entire day digging in the dirt.  Once I reclaimed my gardening shoes from Kya.  Yes, I admit it.  I was off planting flowers in yards where the home owners weren’t home again.  It’s a really fun thing to do.  You should try it sometime.

Believe it or not by the time I wandered back home after snagging some home grown sugar peas and garden lettuce, my headache was gone.  Now that’s a good day!

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