Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Haven’t had a real one of these in years. Many, many, many years. In fact, the last time I remember this much of this kind of snow I was maybe 11 or 12.

I went to work this morning. No, didn’t take Howie. (Hahaha! Howie’s playing hide and seek. Another hour or so and I won’t be able to find him.) And then, a mere few hours later I was brought home from work. Thank you.

I’ve been watching it snow ever since. I took a few pictures early this morning before it started to snow for real. Only about 8 inches then. It’s been snowing two inches an hour every since. I don’t think I’ll be going to work tomorrow. Oh I will if they want to send someone to fetch me. Nope, I doubt it. I do a lot in a day’s time but I wouldn’t consider any of it essential. Certainly not worth risking anyone’s life over.

I intended to go out and take more pics this afternoon, now that it’s truly snowing. But I’m warm and cozy and drinking cocoa so I think I’ll pass on that notion. I can’t get out the back door anymore. There’s a wire that is so snow-covered it’s hanging down across it. No need to worry. It’s just the old cable wire. Don’t have cable anymore anyway so it doesn’t matter if it falls. I do have satellite but it gave up a while ago. I was watching the weather on TV when it went out. Much warmer than watching out the window. Funny that. The poor girl they had standing outside doing the weather report in Reading had a black coat and hat on when she started. She was stark white everywhere when I lost the signal an hour later. Hope she’s inside now.

Not that I’m at all worried but I do have plenty of food. For me and the kitties. They’d eat me if I didn’t. Even so it would be okay because the World Famous Pike Café is open. They’d feed me if I wanted to go out, just like they did in Saturday’s foot of snow. Maybe if I change my mind and head out to take some pics for you I’ll end up there.

Hope you’re warm and cozy, wherever you are.


Molly Daniels said...

I've never understood why they make the weather people stand out in horrible elements. Once is fine. But continually throughout the broadcast? I'd quit! And yes, I know in between air time they're warm and cozy, but still...have a heart, people!

Smut Girl said...

This is all looking familiar to me. Do we live in the same neighborhood? (O_O)

hope you are safe and warm and it is sunny and bright like it is here today. finally!