Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Just so you know my mind is ultra hyper at the moment. No telling where this 668th edition of nonsense might end up.

How about some current events? In Reading, just around the corner from my house, a police car smashed into another car, bounced off a utility pole and then an empty bar building earlier tonight. Riley and I heard it as we were on our way into the bar on my corner. No, we didn’t go investigate even though her man was with us and would have protected us. The loud bang sounded questionable and you never know when the shooting might start. And no, we did not have cocktails this evening in case you’re wondering. We did talk about Riley’s new job. I tell you, she so rocks!

In not so local events, Humboldt squid are back along the California coast. Sport-fishermen are thrilled. Apparently they’re a blast to land and so plentiful that charter trips are catching their limit within hours. The ventures range from $25-$65 if you’re interested. I am and not balking at either end of the price range but it’s the cost of getting there and then staying for a few days that’s got me stranded here, waiting for the blizzard tomorrow. Anyhoo, the giant squid get their name from the Humboldt current off South America and can live in depths up to 2300. Not much is known about how they bread. Too deep for divers to go be voyeuristic. But, like other cephalopods, they only bread once in a lifetime. They hunt in packs of up to 1200, coast along at 15 mph and can propel themselves from the water to glide through the air in order to escape predators. They can grow to six feet and weigh up to 100 pounds. The ones swarming to off California must be babies since the catches are averaging between 20-30 pounds. Relative babies, that is, since the lifespan is only about a year.

I have no tealights. And I’m very, very sad. Kinda like when someone stole my hoo-too-foo-to-boo-to-bah only different. See I need tealights because of the nummy Tibetan incense that appeared on my doorstep yesterday. What? Makes perfect sense to me but all right, sigh, I’ll explain if I must. I’ve been burning this incredible Voluspa candle, pomegranate patchouli, absolutely to die for, btw, and thoroughly enjoying the flickering. Yeah, it’s a flicker needing sort of week. Anyway I wanted to try some new incense and didn’t want to mix flavors. Makes for major headslodey when I do that. But I wanted the flickeriness. Get it yet? No. Bigger sigh. Tealights flicker but most are unscented. Incense plus tealights equals relaxing. Any other week I’d say Zen inspiring but too much noise in my head to go quite that far so I’m good with merely soothing.

I’ve been planting hearts on my farm to counteract the sad poetry I’m writing. Hmm, perhaps I should post some of it on facebook so that premise is a bit more likely to work. But if I do that you might read it and then worry about me. Even more than you are now, I mean. Don’t. I’m fine. This is just a tame moment of unfiltered me. Imagine living with this going on round and round in your head all the time. Now add in a hoard of characters all vying for attention. No, maybe not. It’s definitely not for everyone.

Okay, that’s enough for now. Back tomorrow. Or not. We’ll see.

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Anny Cook said...

Sounds like a very busy week! Are you ready for the snow???