Friday, February 12, 2010


My name is Barbara and I’m an Olympics addict.

The winter Olympics start today. Happy dance! In Vancouver this time. Not that it really matters to me. I watch no matter where they’re held. Or what event is being shown. I so love the Olympics. 5500 athletes from over 80 countries coming together all at once. Simply amazing.

You remember the cartoon with the pooch who got all happy and lovey and floated around with a huge grin on his face, landing with a contented sigh every time he was given a treat? No, I don’t remember its name so could you tell me please? Anyway, that’s me when the Olympics are on.

Why couldn’t the damn snow have waited another week? I would have been ensconced in front of my TV very happily watching whatever they chose to show me. I’ll have to send Phil a message, see if he can arrange another blizzard within the next work week.

The Olympics are one reason I still have a TV. Really. I have Direct TV these days. Do you know what those lovely people are doing just for me? They have a multi-sport channel where they will split the screen into four sections and show all the coverage available simultaneously. Isn’t that awesome!

So if I’m not around much the next ten days that’s why. I’ll be here, feeding my addiction. Hey, I have to get all I can while I can. It has to last two years, until the summer Olympics begin in 895 more days on July 27, 2012.

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Molly Daniels said...

I'm slightly jealous; my sis was in Japan during the Nagano Olympics and was able to walk around the O village. Now, she's in Vancouver and Mom just flew out to spend two weeks. Here's hoping for good pics and souveniers!