Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't Even

The second rant of the week. I know. That in and of itself should tell you a lot.

In the past two days I have been dear, sweetie and hun’d to death. I swear if one more unknown individual calls me any of the above or anything remotely similar, I will snap. If you don’t honestly know me, that’s taking your life into your own hands.

There are a select few who are more than welcome to call me pretty much whatever they like. The general public, however, is not on that list. So stop it already! Ma’am will do just fine. Hey you would even be preferable. Or nothing at all.

Any false endearment at the end of this very long week will get you hurt. I have a karambit and I know how to use it. Okay so only kinda but well enough that you should be afraid. There. You’ve been warned. I’m off to dinner with Riley and family, people who I genuinely like and have been granted the privilege of calling me sweetie or any other cutsie thing they choose. I don’t recommend attempting to join us.

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