Monday, February 8, 2010

Nah, Don't Think So

It has been suggested that I learn how to utilize the local bus system due to last weekend’s snowfall and what’s predicted tomorrow. Naturally I balked at such a notion. Though I’ve never taken a bus in Reading I am positive that, should I do so, my fellow riders will be odd individuals, even odder than I am, who would all attempt to speak at me. I tend to attract that so it’s inevitable.

In all fairness, I did pull up route and schedule information on the BARTA website. Nope, I definitely don’t speak this dialect of bus. Made so little sense I couldn’t even determine which bus would be best for me to hop on. I can just see me trying to get the mile and a half to work and ending up at Cabela’s in Hamburg, 20 some miles away, instead. Anyone who can translate? Not that I ever intend to use it but it never hurts to have such information.

I left Howie at home today because a coworker called to warn me that the lot we park in was a mess. Much appreciated. The last thing I want is for Howie to be stuck somewhere. I called and requested the work transport to collect me. Turned out quite well. No, it’s not free. It does cost a grand sum of ninety cents more than a bus token. But as I see it, it’s well worth door to door service when the temperatures are below 20 with snow flying.

So a local bus? No, not for me. And if the work transport is pulled from the streets due to inclement weather? Well then it’s far too dangerous for me to be out there to begin with so I’ll just stay home where it’s warm and cuddle my kitties.

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