Saturday, February 6, 2010

Phil Did It

Commanded the storm that has paralyzed the Mid-Atlantic region of the East Coast. He predicted six more weeks of winter and he wasn’t kidding. I suspect we’re due for even more snow. Why? Because he was so offended by the PETA people suggesting he should be replaced by a machine. Guess he showed them the power of the groundhog, didn’t he? Perhaps next year they’ll have the appropriate respect.

Here’s a pic of poor little Howie. Nope, he’s not going anywhere today. I went for a little walk until I got too cold. Too much snow to get to anything really interesting. Perhaps I’ll try again tomorrow. Oh and who’s that nice young man shoveling snow? That, believe it or not, is the owner of the bar on the corner. He’s shoveling my 85 year old neighbor’s walk. Yeah, he really is. He grew up on this block, knows her and worries about her. How cool is that! Since it was too chilly for much of a ramble I stopped in at the corner for lunch. Every now and then it’s not at all bad living precisely where I do.

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