Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Revisited

First there were events at the Olympics postponed due to lack of snow. It was so bad the organizers had to have snow brought in by helicopter. Now, a mere week later, they’re once again postponing events. Due to too much snow falling. The competitors can’t see the course and the judges can’t see the competitors.

Speaking of snow, Phil’s sending us some more. Up to a foot. Woohoo!

It rained yesterday. Wasn’t that nice, washing away a little of the snow to make room for the next batch? I flipped on Howie’s wipers only to discover one was totally disintegrated. Fortunately it was only drizzling at that point so I made it home safely without using the windshield wipers.

Today, I stopped along my way to work for new blades. That was an experience in itself. It was after the designated opening time so I hopped out of Howie, pausing to look at the old blades before I went into the store. Problem was the door was still locked. When the two guys waiting with me tried knocking on the door a young lady eventually came out from the far recesses, yelled for them to stop, and disappeared again. Hmm, interesting to say the least.

Another woman joined me, the guys got back in their car and the clerk returned to let only the two of us in. It turns out she’s just clerical help and has little knowledge of the inventory. Her fellow employee who was supposed to open this morning hadn’t shown up for work and she was unable to reach him. Fortunately for me, she could point me in the direction of wiper blades and operate the register.

I mentioned Howie’s plight at work and a very nice coworker volunteered to install them for me before we left for the day. He’s a Mr. Fix-It, always tinkering with this and that so I accepted his offer even though I’m sure I’m capable of replacing them myself. I’m pleased to report that Howie is once again happy and ready to take on the elements.

Let it snow!

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Molly Daniels said...

I say that next year, they bring out Phil in the SHADE!