Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Go Away

There was a gathering at a local college yesterday to discuss the future of education. One of the issues covered was the growing problem with the pension fund. As in it’s no longer there at levels needed to cover those retiring because the fund lost a large percentage over the last few years due to economic conditions.

The state, which is so broke it has to suspend payments to its employees from time to time, has decided it’s up to each school district to cover their specific shortage. As I’m sure you can guess they are proposing raising property taxes to do so.

Um, no. Un uh. Forget it. Not doable. Why? Because I simply do not have it. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to pay this year’s taxes yet and now they’re wanting more? I’m tired of being punished because I work and have managed to secure basic shelter for myself. Pick on someone else for a change.

None of the places I’ve worked over the years had a pension fund. It’s up to me to provide for myself should I live long enough to retire though these days that’s becoming doubtful with how often they raise the retirement age. Why should it be any different for teachers? Don’t misunderstand. I respect anyone who has the patience and is willing to do such a thankless job. It’s the system I have a problem with, not the individuals.

No, I don’t have a solution. But this isn’t it. If they keep raising taxes I’m going to eventually loose my home because I’m unable to pay and then they’ll have absolutely nothing. It’s definitely time for them to come up with a different plan. In the meantime would anyone like to buy a mediocre house in Reading? It comes with 10,000 books, four cats and, oh yeah, me.

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