Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Sad

The Olympics are over. Four years to wait. Sigh. Yes, I know the summer games are in two years and I’ll watch every minute of them too but they’re not the same.

As you already know, I’m an Olympics junkie. I’m old so I’ve watched lots of coverage over the years and I have to say I think NBC did an outstanding job this year. A great balance of events and human interest stories featuring both athletes and Canada.

For example, did you see the segment aired on Gander, Newfoundland that showed how the whole town of 10,000 pitched in to help when 167 jets carrying over 7,000 people landed at their airport on 9/11? I really hope you did because it was amazing, to say the least. If you missed it, search around and maybe you can find it. Trust me it’ll be worth whatever effort it takes.

I really liked the way NBC stayed with the coverage of cross country skiing events until everyone finished, not just the top few. The majority of racers knew they had no chance of winning a medal going into the race. They came to the Olympics knowing that but they trained their butts off anyway. They showed up and did their very best. It’s a matter of pride. In themselves and for their countries. Hmm, perhaps we should all take a lesson from them and strive to live our everyday lives more like that.

I definitely appreciated how NBC managed to limit or eliminate commercials in certain segments of the programming in order to show some things live without interruption. There have been years when there were so many commercials I became extremely annoyed and had to quit watching for a while. I can’t say that this year.

So even though the winter games of 2010 are over and that saddens me this will be a year I remember fondly. Thank you, athletes of the world, Canadian hosts, and NBC.


Molly Daniels said...

I missed the segment on Gander, but I loved the ones about the polar bears, the RCMP, and Iqualuet! And was rather upset I missed the Stanley Park segment; I've been there three times.

Did you see the one on the Capilano Suspension Bridge? We were there in 1997 and the hubby (who didn't get to go) was AMAZED we actually went across it!

Virginia B. said...

There was a time when I would count down the years, months, days until the Olympics but no more sort of if that makes sense. I mean the whole thing seems to be full of egoistic agendas as in the Tonya Harding stuff and judges scoring based upon kickbacks and that one chick that won all the track stuff Marion somebody or other who was using steriods. What is the point in looking forward to a whole bunch of Hollywood wanta be's.. I guess I'm old fashion because I believe the event should be pure, as white as snow like the Miss America pageant. Oh I forgot alot of the porn stars are attracted to this event (smile). No, I think they found out that alot of sex stuff was going on like in the case of Vanessa somebody or other. She's a famous singer now. But let's talk about a 'pure' national event like Jerry Lewis' marathon for muscular dystrophy. Now that is a case of all the contestants being innocent without agenda's or questionable motivation because Jerry is not having any nonsense. I guess Jerry's kids aren't contestants but if Jerry was organizing the olympics maybe I would watch them with as much respect and fervor as I did before the judges started putting down the 'gay guy'in this year's ice skating competition. Anyway I'm going to watch the track event this summer but only if I come in the room and someone else is watching it. I mean I wouldn't be rude and change the channel. I know let's get Simon from American idol to help Jerry get the Olymic competition in check.