Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Go Green

In all facets of your life. Yes, including your sex life.

The sex toy industry is hugely unregulated. Walk into a toy store and you will often be hit with that “new car” smell. Usually signifying new and clean however this is one time when that is not necessarily a good thing. It is entirely possible that the scent comes from phthalates which is a nasty and sometimes toxic substance used to soften plastic. Yeah, it might create something that feels good but the potential damage isn’t worth it.

This is one reason toys crafted from mahogany, stainless steel and glass are on the rise. All made from renewable materials, the sale of these items has experienced a tremendous spurt in volume. There’s even a Pyrex line that can safely be put in the microwave. Just be careful. Not too hot please.

Some other green items you can find these days include whips made from recycled inner tubes, neoprene handcuffs and organic lubricants that unlike synthetic lubes, lack the same chemicals found in antifreeze. Yeah, keep that in mind next time you’re choosing.

Even Trojan’s gotten in on the act by offering a line of biodegradable lambskin condoms in addition to their standard latex variety. But with condoms you can go one step further. There are brands that are vegan-friendly. They’ve replaced the dairy protein with cocoa powder. And in case you’re now wondering, no, not all of them taste like chocolate.

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Amber Skyze said...

Pyrex doesn't sound comfy, but interesting to say the least.