Friday, March 26, 2010

Once Begun - A Tale

Last night, at dusk, I went for a walk even though it was drizzling. Well, it was already dark and raining like hell but the other sounds slightly better. Not that I care all that much. Oh, I used to but not anymore. Not after what happened.

I left my house and headed for the train tracks. They’re not all that far away but far enough. It’s not someplace I normally go, even in daylight. I don’t know why. Well, yeah, I do. The tracks are creepy. And at night in the rain, even more so. But there was something pulling me, drawing me that I couldn’t resist. I had to be there.

By the time I reached the tracks I was soaked to the skin. It was chilly and I probably should have been cold but I wasn’t. Well, I’m not really sure. I might have been were I not so distracted. I walked on the ties between the rails. No, I couldn’t see them once I went a little ways because there were no more street lights. But they’re evenly spaced and walking on them soon became hypnotic.

I was lost in the rhythm of my steps. Oblivious to all else. Well, not entirely. I felt a presence. Following me. Tracking me. Pacing me. Perhaps I should have been afraid. But I wasn’t. Somehow I knew that although the situation itself was very dangerous, I was in no danger.

I kept going. I don’t know why. I just did. I walked with whatever it was trailing along behind me, never any closer nor farther away until I wasn’t compelled to keep going. It didn’t make any sense. Well, to me it did somehow and that’s what was important. I stopped and stood completely still. I waited for the sensation of it breathing behind me to fade. When it had, I turned around and stood for another moment. Then I followed the tracks home.

When I got there, I went straight upstairs. I stripped without turning on any lights and fell into my empty bed. Well, technically I suppose it wasn’t empty once I fell into it but you know what I mean. The window was open a few inches as it always was. Though I was chilled to the bone I couldn’t manage to crawl beneath the covers. Instead I rolled into a ball, shivering almost violently.

It wasn’t long before I knew I was no longer alone. My shivers became trembles. I stopped breathing and tensed, waiting for whatever it was to make its move. It didn’t right away. But I was certain it could tell that I was aware of it. It was as if we were both suspended, me – anticipating, it – prolonging. It took forever before I felt the bed shift under its weight. Well, not forever really but it seemed like it.

I was still curled up, fetal, awaiting the attack. Well, not attack. Not assault either. I didn’t know what exactly to call what I was expecting. I began to feel its heat when it moved closer. My breathing grew shallow. It was almost on me though not actually touching when it inhaled, sniffing along my body, scenting me. I remained motionless. Silent. Everything in me wanted to move, to turn and look, to touch. But I didn’t. I sensed that would be the wrong thing to do. So wrong it would end whatever this was before it began. And I wanted it too much to let that happen.

One large, strong hand clamped around my ankles, the other on my shoulder. The next second I was face down on the bed. A palm landed in the middle of my back, pressing firmly. I took that as a request that I not move. Well, not a request, a command. The hand slid to my ass. The other joined it, both squeezing. Kneading, almost but not quite, painfully.

I’d never been so instantly excited as I was by that one small act. Well, not that excited by anything, ever. I felt my wetness pooling the same time its hands stopped moving. It leaned closer and inhaled again. Deeply. The noise it made could only be taken for one of approval. Its hands resumed their torment. Yes, it was torment. I wanted it to touch me more intimately, not merely fondle my ass.

Finally it shifted, straddling my legs. It captured my wrists and stretched my arms above my head. That’s when I learned it was naked. Well, I had suspected but it took until then to be certain. His cock rested along the crease of my ass. He leaned forward and licked the nape of my neck. God, I’d never felt anything like it. His tongue was rough, the sensation it created, feral. I shuddered. He did it again. And again. I moaned, ready to beg if that’s what it took to get more.

But begging turned out to be unnecessary. He made that noise again, louder this time. After another lick he reared up, yanking me to me knees, angling his cock downward. It elongated as he slid it through my moisture. The anticipation of what was to come had me a little tense. Well, more than a little. I was vibrating with need, wanting. I might have attempted to push back against him had his hand not forced my upper body back to the bed, holding me in place.

Though it was dark, I knew he could see. My legs were pressed together between his, yet I was fully exposed. He drew back and impaled me in one swift movement, burying his cock balls deep. I gasped, crying out. He snarled as he withdrew and then shoved back in fully. I felt his girth expanding, thickening, stretching me as I’d never been stretched before. The strength behind his thrusts was amazing. Well, more than that. Incredible. Overwhelming. Like nothing I’d ever even imagined possible in my entire life.

On and on it went. Him pummeling me with his thick cock, thrusting with such power I might have been thrown from the bed had his claws not dug into my hips. I knew I’d be bruised beyond belief but I didn’t care. Well, not then I didn’t. I might later, once it was over and I had time to think. But at that moment nothing other than the bestial way I was being taken, used, fucked mattered.

Our frenzied coupling lasted an eternity yet was over in an instant. He growled as I screamed out my climax. With one final thrust he slammed his pulsing cock into my clenching vagina and I felt his warmth flooding me, filling me, mixing with my juices. He growled again as his body covered mine. His teeth latched onto my nape. Well, not just latched. Bit into my flesh, drawing blood, marking me as I knew without a doubt was his intent. He wanted me scarred.

He growled deep in his throat as his jaw clamped down. The pain was so exquisite I came a second time. In response, he ground his hips against me, forcing his still hard cock impossibly deeper. He lowered us to the bed. Well, collapsed on top of me, forcing me flat, trapping me beneath him. A distant corner of my mind wondered why I didn’t object to his weight. The rest welcomed it. I felt his tongue soothing the bite and sighed.

He rolled us to our sides, his cock still planted within me. His arms encircled me, hands caressing until eventually landing on my breasts. He tweaked my nipples with his claws, sending renewed shivers through my overly sensitive body. When I tightened around his cock I heard the same grunt of approval as I had at the beginning. Well, not just then. I’d been hearing it throughout the entire experience and knew it was a sound I’d come to savor.

I was wrapped securely in his embrace. The heat of his body seeped into me, adding to my satisfaction. We still hadn’t spoken. I knew we would, that he could, when the time came. I also knew he was different. Well, more than different. Not human. Something else. And now, after what had just occurred, so was I. There was no going back. My transformation had begun and I welcomed every bit of it.


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Wow! Whew, hot! Are you part of Brynn's new Monday Minute Fiction? This would fit in perfectly. In fact, I have to write mine today so I can post it tomorrow.

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