Monday, March 22, 2010

A Musing

Monday morning and most I meet are maniacal or melancholicly mopey

Malignant misery morphs the mob into myopic moppets maddened and maddening the miserly masses

Makers of this mess mutter as they muck about, meaning to muddy my mischievous mood

Mostly morose and morbidly masked are those marking my movement through this maze of miscreant misfits

Mention my moniker and make merry men more miserable than materialistic mavericks mired in marshes of monkey dung.

The misshapen missiles of mankind map the momentum of my monumental meanderings

Moral morons misconstrue their majority in the moats and moors of meaningless mirages

They are minor mobsters miscalculating the monsoons misting miracles around me, masking me from mindful meddlers

Monsters march, minute by moment ad millennium monitoring moguls for mutinous mongrels

Mournful misfortune manages mastery mugging mentors of their motivation

Miraculously, I maintain, and remain, mystical magical marvelous me

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