Monday, March 15, 2010

A Curse

Gamboling ghouls with spiked pikes
Deke and thrust
Thirsting for blood
Bold and cold
Holding out for souls
Torn and twisted from severed heads
Slaughtered herds of blind fools
Foolhardily following blindly the soul snatchers into the darkness
Harkening no warnings
Hearing no grumblings
Garnering no churnings from the undercurrent of consciousness
No conscience do the unconscious have
Through the gloom
To their doom they go
Sensing nil
Seeing naught
Stepping nearer to the steepest slopes of deepest death
Pied piper leading society’s lemmings to the edge
Sending them soaring in to the roaring rages of hell
Waging war on sagely sloths
That spoil the sacred soil with their oily souls
Better dead, I say
So slay them where they fall
Before their fate befalls us all

In case you're wondering, yes, the picture is mine. Taken Saturday at Charles Evans Cemetery in the rain. To see more of my pics, go here. Please leave a comment on something if you visit.

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