Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Customer Service Lives

While I was out and about last weekend one of the places I stopped was an official T-Mobile store. Yes, I know. Hard to believe, considering how I’ve ranted about them in the past. But my experience in the store made up for a lot.

The salesgirl, Tameka was honestly helpful. Quit snickering, I’m serious. She was a very pleasant young woman who miraculously understands the concept of customer service, real, old-fashioned, assist the customer type customer service. She asked intelligent questions, made informed recommendations based on the answers and was knowledgeable about both the products and services offered by T-Mobile.

And later, when I returned to the store later for something else, she didn’t cringe or run away when she saw me. Yes, I admit it. I was misbehaving just a bit as we all know I do from time to time. But this charming individual handled it extremely well and was truly impressive throughout the entire time I spent with her.

I sincerely doubt that T-Mobile appreciates the treasure they have in Tameka and that’s too bad for them. She’s an asset to their company and trust me, they truly need her.

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Anny Cook said...

It's always nice to have great customer service!