Wednesday, April 21, 2010


In the wee hours this morning a strike by the New York City doormen was averted when the union that represents them and the building owners association reached a last minute agreement. You’ll be as pleased as I am to know that the city’s most privileged tenants won’t be forced to take out their own trash.

The union president, which represents 30,000 workers at 3,200 buildings, is quoted as saying a fair agreement has been reached. He expects union members to sign the new contract within the next few weeks. So what does he consider fair? A four year contract with a nearly ten percent increase in wages and no benefit cuts. Um, yeah. Damn fair if you ask me.

I keep reading how the recession is over and things will begin to improve. Perhaps the doorman contract is indicative of that. From my standpoint however, it hasn’t trickled down far enough to make any difference at all yet. Here’s hoping…

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