Friday, April 23, 2010


They come from the mist
Spawned in the shadows
Passing unseen by all save their next victim
Teeth bared
Snapping and snarling
First one
Then two
Followed by the hoard
No one knows what exactly they are
No one’s ever lived to tell
The legends have an idea though
Innocent children catch an occasional glimpse when they stray too close to the darkness
They are always, well, almost always, spared
The targets of choice are those evil to the core
Or so the legend goes
Or perhaps a balm?
One to lessen the sense of impending doom for those on the fringes who must venture forth on certain dark nights
Fear not for there’s nothing you can do once they have you
Did you encounter them as a child?
Maybe they marked you then
Tagged you for future sport
Or have you done something?
Something secret?
Something so vile they can’t help but scent your tainted soul
Are your heinous deeds calling out to them?
Drawing them?
If so, beware
Your time is coming
Once you are within their sights there is no escape
They will track you
Maybe toy with you for an instant before they pounce
But when they get you, you are a ghost
They will tear you limb from limb
Shred your flesh
Crack open your bones
Feast upon your organs
Driven to a frenzy by the iron stench of your life blood
And the sounds!
Oh the sounds they make
There are no words
They are so petrifying they send anyone within hearing distance scurrying away as fast as their stubby legs can go
They’ve even been known to stop weaker hearts
Secondary victims dropped on the spot as they soil themselves in terror
So take care
Before you go out on that next dark and dreary night ask yourself
How tarnished are you?
Do you deserve to live?
Or would the violent death those of the mist hand out be a fitting end?
Listen closely
Do you hear the soft swish of them coming through the bushes?
The faint clack of claws on the pavement?
The gentle snorting as they pick up your trail?
They’re coming
Oh yes, they are coming
And you are next

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