Monday, April 5, 2010

So Many Questions

I hang my head in shame
Doing what I must to hide the direness
For no one can ever, will ever know
I am a misfit among even the freakiest of freaks
Among the normals, the average humans, oh they have no idea
And now that my carefully woven world is unraveling it’s that much harder
My spark, now just an ember, is about to go out
I am sans hope
I can’t find the energy to continue to care
To hold it together
To pretend
And I’m wondering why I ever bothered to begin with
Was there a point to this game at one time?
Or was it always as empty and meaningless as it is now?

1 comment:

Ashley Ladd said...

Why so melancholy? Are you okay?

I hope you had a happy Easter.