Monday, April 26, 2010

Yep, It's Monday

I had a banana for lunch today. I eat them now and again because they are so good for you. But the truth is I hate bananas. I can sometimes tolerate them if they’re green enough to be crunchy. Then they don’t have much flavor, nor are they squishy. Today’s was closer to yellow than green and it was awful. I don’t mind them in banana bread. And I can even manage a piece of banana cream pie on occasion as long as there aren’t any sliced bananas in it. Plain though, they’re disgusting. I’m going to need something ultra yummy for dinner tonight to make up for it. A Cuban sammich might do it but there’s no place in Reading that makes really good ones. Oh, would anyone like a banana? I have a second one that I intended to eat tomorrow but there’s just no way.

I went for a walk in the cemetery yesterday. Other people go to visit friends and relatives. I go to wander among the trees. It was a perfect day for me, cool and misty. Okay, raining mostly but I enjoyed myself and my sneakers should be dried out by next weekend. I picked out a tree that I’d like to have, should I ever have a house with a yard big enough for a tree. Hopefully by then I’ll know what variety of tree it is. And I found some pretty flowers too.

I tried to go to the kite festival but as I said, it was raining. There were only a handful of people there, mostly standing around not flying their kites so I didn’t stay very long. Perhaps I’ll have my own kite festival. Anyone want to join me? Bananas will not be available so if you want one to snack on while you’re flying your kite you’ll need to supply your own. Maybe it’ll be a kite and barbecue event. Yep, I think grilled stuff would go well with kite flying, don’t you?


Maithe said...

Hi Barb. *G* How about you make a banana shake? I detest bananas, but this is a simple way for me to eat one of those suckers. Just get a cup of milk, the icky banana, add a dash of salt, some sugar to taste, and ice. Mix until you get the consistency you want. Voila--banana without the ick factor!

BTW--it goes really well with Cuban sandwiches. *G*

Ashley Ladd said...

I sort of like bananas, but only when they're still a bit green. I don't like them too yellow and definitely not mushy. Like you, I try to eat them every day or at least a few times a week because they're so healthy.

I do like banana bread occasionally. There was a time I made it almost daily, but that's a long time ago.

What I LOVE in the banana family are plantains. I never heard of them 'til I moved to South Florida. But I like them fried so there's probably no or little nutritional value that way. :(

What is good are frozen bananas dipped in chocolate.