Monday, August 2, 2010


I have the plague (a cold). I’m most certainly dying (coughing, sore throat). I haven’t slept in days (yeah, that’s true but it has little to do with this ailment) so I’m about to pass out from exhaustion (might doze off if I sit still too long). I should be hospitalized, under the care of specialists (spend the day relaxing, taking otc cold tabs). I can’t possibly work in this condition (should stay home mainly to keep my germs to myself but migraine season has two months to go so I won’t waste a sick day on this so steer clear or I’ll breathe on you).

I hate being sick in the summer. Too hot for a nice cup of tea and my cozy blanket. Therefore I refuse to do it. It’ll just have to go away until winter when you’re supposed to get sick. Damn cold.

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Molly Daniels said...

Feel better SOON!!!