Monday, August 16, 2010


Staring into the abyss
Shadows leeching me
Draining me into the void until I know not who I am
My past, gone but no tragedy
Nothing in it worth the struggle to retain
My future, already blank so inconsequential
All that’s left is now
I wait for some glimmer
Some sense of who I was
But I’ve been wiped clean
As I think is expected, I mourn the loss of me
even as I celebrate my resurrection
I am born anew
And this time I will be magnificent
I stand with the mists of time and space swirling around me
Through me
Morphing me
Molding me
Into something new
Not quite human
I collect strength
Gathering power
Letting it build until I feel myself forming
My new soul is as old as history
And deep in my marrow I possess the secrets of the universe
I grasp control
Taking over my recreation
Adding a dose of darkness
Of elemental evil
To guard against those who would turn me back into nothing as they had before
It will not happen again
I am prepared
And you have been warned

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