Monday, August 30, 2010

One Day Soon

Mired in a world of so-called normalcy
Surrounded by humans
I bide my time
Waiting to make my escape
To join the others
Ice cold sweat dries between my breasts
The heat of their world sickens me
Harder and harder with each passing day to keep my mask in place
It starts to slip when I hear their sniveling
Weak and whiny over trivialities
So unworthy of survival
Give me my blades
And loose my true nature for ten minutes
I could fix all
The slaughter would be magnificent
Oh, the feast my kind would make of their bloody flesh!
What a glorious occasion it would be
Alas, there will be no culling on this day
For it would bring notice to the presently unaware
Igniting their wrath, piteous though it would be
And we would become the Hunted
Too, too soon
No, I must resist temptation until I can slip quietly away
No matter how I wish otherwise
For they are truly undeserving
But I rest easy
Their reprieve is merely temporary
The time will come
We will return
And no one will be spared

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