Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Unexpected Treat

I had to make a stop on my way home from work today. I absolutely hate doing that. When I’m done I want to put on comfy clothes and relax, not run around in the world, especially when it’s nearly 100 and super muggy outside.

But today’s errand turned out to be good. I bumped into an old friend and we ended up having a quick dinner together. I’ve known her for over 20 years. We used to work together. That company is now closed down so we’re both doing other things but she’s one of the very few people I stay in touch with. (Translation – one of the few people my penchant for solitude hasn’t chased off.)

Anyway we went to Schell’s, a place that’s been around since before we were kids. They specialize in hotdogs with barbecue on top and they’re just as good now as they’ve always been. I bet it’s been at least ten years since I was there last and they really haven’t changed all that much. The only thing missing is deep fried green pepper rings which I used to love but I suppose it’s okay if that’s the only difference. I’d heard they never were all that popular, something I never understood.

We sat and chatted, catching up on all that’s going on with both of us and made a date to have a go at Schell’s miniature golf course as soon as the weather breaks. I even agreed to appear at a cookout at her place in the fall. Okay so I’ve been agreeing to that one the entire time we’ve known each other and still haven’t made it but she adores me anyway. Why, I have no clue. And who knows. Perhaps this years I’ll actually make it there.

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