Thursday, August 26, 2010

Assorted Stuff

After three years, I finally finished up watching the complete MacGyver series. It’s so sad. Not only am I going to miss the creativity, I’m going to have to choose what to watch next. Now you may not realize it, but doing that is not an easy thing for me. Sigh.

Did you know there’s a British Egg Information Service? Yeah, me either. They claim that the half-billion egg recall could have been easily prevented had the flocks been vaccinated to prevent the chickens from contracting salmonella. Apparently British hens receive inoculations which limit their salmonella outbreaks to about 1% of all poultry as opposed to 60-70% on untreated fowl. The vaccine has been available here since 1992 but it is not required. Gotta wonder about that one, don’t you?

Have you seen he traffic jam in China? It’s reported to be 60 miles long with people already stranded for two weeks. They estimate it may last another three. Weeks. As in people might spend up to five weeks living in their cars with no way out. And vendors providing supplies at exorbitant prices. They claim there are no reports of violent road rage but I’m not sure I believe that one. I would have serious problems if I were suddenly stuck sitting on a bright, sunny road for a month. Especially since I rarely have any cash to speak of with me. I really think I’d do better trapped in the mine. I also don’t understand how they let it get that bad since it was triggered by planned road construction and not some major fluky accident.

My day didn’t start out particularly well today. About three hours into it, I happened to glance out into the courtyard by my office and saw a hummingbird hovering nearby. How awesome is that? In the space of five seconds everything turned around and my day was significantly improved. Don’t you love when that sort of thing happens?

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