Friday, August 20, 2010

For Eternity

Amid the unrelenting chaos
I stand, stock still
The world, a whirling dervish around me
Yet I remain untouched, unaffected
Others whipped hither and yon
Pulled this way and that
Tossed, turned, trundled about, their norm
I am stationary
For there is nothing left within
I died eons ago
Now just an empty shell
Motionless in the bedlam
Scavengers have tried to claim it
Only to be scared off by the eerie echoes that emanate from what once was my soul
Be warned
Appearances are deceiving
The zen you think you see is false
Look closely if you dare
But risk the burn of frostbite
From straying too near my frigid corpse
Back away instead
Leave me to my sentence
To endlessly wander the frozen tundra of life in total isolation

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