Friday, August 27, 2010


Staring at nothing
Where dreams once danced through my mind
So many it overflowed
Sending sparks of what would be skittering across the sky
Like tiny kites sporting previews
Visions of what was coming
One look in my eyes and you knew I was a force to be reckoned with
But the winds changed
Storms crushed instead of fueled
Funnels sucked the hope from my essence
I lost all faith
In me
The clouds opened up and wept for the loss of my spirit
No became acceptable
The only names I heard
I was gone
Buried so deep it should have been forever
Then, in a swirl of burnished autumn leaves, you blew into my life
Glowing bright
Like a shining star guiding me back
You breathed new life into me
Rekindling my magic
Calling out to my soul
Showing me I was still me
Dormant, not dead
You reawakened me
And now that you have
I belong to you
My life is yours
I know no fear for with certainty you treasure it
Holding me close to your heart
Yet without a doubt you will open your hand and set me free
Tossing me into the breeze
To watch me soar
Secure that no matter how high or how far I go I will always return to you
For in you I have found my only true home

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