Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Ready

My house has forced air heat. Before I turn it on every season I think it best to replace the heater filter. So bright and early Sunday morning Howie and I ventured off to Lowe’s to snag a new one. This year I even remembered the size needed without pulling out the old one to check.

When I got back home I changed it instantly. I don’t always. Some years the cats claim it for a scratching pad and I end up going back for a second one. It falls under their principle of anything new in the house must be inspected and utilized in whatever way they can prior to it being put to its intended use. Heater filters of any variety don’t hold up well under multiple sets of claws.

So the filter is replaced, all by myself, and I’m all set for winter. A whole week before my December 1st deadline. That’s the earliest I permit myself to turn the heat on. It hasn’t been that difficult this year. The temperature has only dropped below 60 twice so the temptation to switch it on early wasn’t there as it is some years. Maybe next weekend I’ll cover the back of the air conditioner to cut off the draft and not turn on the heat until January.

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