Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Tired

Emotionally and physically.

I spent the past two Saturdays helping to empty my great aunt’s apartment. She’d moved in there nearly 30 years ago when her knees got too bad to handle the steps. There was stuff that needed going through but she already had her big clear out when she sold her house.

It was very difficult. Everything there held some sort of memory so choosing what to keep and what to send to auction was a challenge. My great aunt is the most organized individual ever. She kept a book of all her possessions, where they originated and what they cost if an item was purchased. The added historical value of something that was perhaps given to my great grandparents as a wedding gift only added to that.

It’s finished now. I have some treasures. Not all that I may have liked because there simply isn’t space but I have the ones that mean the most. Still, I’m very sad. An era has ended. Although my great aunt is alive and as well as can be in the home there’s been a significant shift in my life. It hasn’t been easy for me and I can only imagine what it feels like for her.

Yeah, some days life is very, very hard.

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