Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We'll See...

I heard something on the radio that I thought interesting. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to verify its validity but I’ll share it anyway.

It is supposedly St. Andrew’s Eve. Every where I looked said that was yesterday but for now I’ll go along with the talk radio host’s version. He claims you can predict the weather for the upcoming winter tonight. How? You place a glass full to the brim with water in the grass in your yard. The amount that spills out overnight determines how wet the winter will be. As in lots of water means lots of snow, none means it’ll be dry.

I’ve decided not to do this. There are torrential rains predicted for my area tonight. Up to two inches. So my glass would be way beyond overflowing. We’ll see. But, for the sake of comparison, why don’t you go ahead and stick a glass outside and then in the spring let us know if you think it was accurate or not.

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