Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today's Discovery

It’s mid-November and it took me until today to notice that they’ve changed the backs on pennies. Yes, I know. I’m a tad behind. The one I saw was a 2010 though it could have happened years ago.

Honestly, I don’t pay that much attention to new coins unless they’re defective in some way. I have the coolest penny that is stamped off-center. I’m sure there are many of them floating around out there but I found this one and I think it’s nifty to have so I kept it.

Generally, I only check old pennies, to see if there are any wheat ones. I save them. I’m not sure why other than my grandfather did and when he passed I got the container. By the way, the container is a vacuum cleaner bank that was a promotional item that came with the Electrolux he purchased in the fifties. The one that I have and is still functioning. Have the owner’s manual too since he never threw anything away. If I searched through the stack of papers I inherited I’d likely locate the receipt for it.

Hmm, getting sidetracked. What was my point? Oh yeah. Pennies. Wonder why they decided to mess with them. I supposed changing the color of bills wasn’t enough.

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