Friday, November 5, 2010

Terrible Twos

I’m not sure how many human months are the equivalent of two cat years but if Beau is any indication it’s seven. In the past week he’s become a holy terror.

I have one of those old-fashioned claw foot tubs with the rounded edge. The big cats can all walk it which Beau has watched with both fascination and envy. He’s been attempting to do the same and Sunday he finally made it. Sort of. He managed to hop up on the edge but slid right down the other side into the tub. Not awful except that I happened to be in it with the shower running at the time. Nothing quite like sudden wet cat panic.

He’s been trying daily since then which has made my getting ready for work an event rather than routine. He’s progressed to the level that he can walk all the way around the tub but is then stymied when he encounters the shampoo shelf. He hasn’t figured out how to either turn around or hop over it into the sink without sending everything flying. I’ve had to reach out of the shower and, soaking wet, scoop him from the edge to deposit him on the floor. A game to him because he instantly returns for another go.

Apparently he loves the sound of the tub mat suction cups detaching. The past few days I’ve heard him playing with them constantly. The other morning I went to take my shower and the mat was all bunched up in one corner. What fun. I’m waiting for him to attempt to climb the shower curtain only to shred it as the big cats all did in turn. Then his learning to walk the tub will be complete and he’ll move on to something else. Silly little brat.

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