Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday's Expedition

Yesterday I went out and about. My intended mission was a total bust. Target didn’t have what I was looking for. Or perhaps they did. The store’s too damn big and I couldn’t find anything even remotely resembling what I wanted but maybe I was in the wrong section. Entirely possible I missed it altogether.

One thing about the new phone. It has a GPS locator on it. Good thing too. I turned it on in the store and was about to call for help getting out of there when I finally spied the glow of daylight coming in the entrance way. Whew. Nope, not a chance I’ll be going back there.

I had my camera with me so I went for little meanders along my way home. For those of you close to Reading, do you know there’s a flooded quarry right next to the Target parking lot on the Fifth Street Highway? So far it’s about 50/50 with people knowing what I’m talking about. Unfortunately there’s a fence around it so I could only get so close. But I’m sure, dressed properly that won’t be a problem so I’ll be going back.

I also stopped at a spot where the city’s been tearing down building since I spied some awesome graffiti. I wish I were taller so I could see it well. I didn’t have the nerve to climb the tractor trailer that was parked beside it.

But I did play with the railroad track switch. Yep, I can now work them efficiently. Oh wait. You don’t know about that one yet. Shh…


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, B!!!

Railroad track switch????

Can't wait to hear about this one! Nothing surprises me


Anny Cook said...

You find the most interesting stuff in your meanders. All I would find is dog poop...