Wednesday, September 2, 2009


If wishes were fishes
And dreams came in teams
Would locusts be the focus
Of actors holding silver protractors?

If boils twisted in coils
And goats swam the moats
Would nuns tote lime green ray guns
As they swilled drinks in roller derby rinks?

If you put someone’s toes in your nose
And stood on your head while Proust was read
Would gophers sit on sofas
While mimes sipped poisoned beer through their ears?

If cats had sonar like bats
And hours were counted backwards on clock towers
Would lambs ride in prams
Whenever one-eyed raccoons bray at new moons?

If laws required dorks to carry personalized sporks
And May was one long endless day
Would sitting on a fence help this make more sense?
Hmm, I think it might but only if you’re also flying a fuzzy Hello Kitty kite.

That sums up my day quite nicely I think. Any questions?


Anonymous said...


Your brain is seriously amazing!

Nothing else to


Regina Carlysle said...

Um. You are soooo weird. But in the nicest way, of course.

Anny Cook said...

No questions...

WV: nutlefly