Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beyond Disgusting

I was in need of sugar today, yep, it was that kind of day. So much so I tried something against my better judgment. Mallow Fries with Sour Kandy Ketchup. Oh yeah, they’re as absolutely ucky as they sound.

I was hoping they’d resemble the marshmallow candy peanuts. Nope. Not even close. How to describe them? Hmm. Ever walk into a super-cheap shoe warehouse store? One that smells like weird plastic? That’s the closest comparison I can come up with for the flavor of the fries. As for the texture, well, I think that’s best not to discuss. The ketchupy yuck was touted to be sour strawberry. I don’t know what variety of strawberries it’s supposed to be patterned after but I sure never had any of them.

It’s been hours and I’m still shuddering at the thought.

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Regina Carlysle said...

Ewww. Shuddering here, too. Dang. That sounds so gross.