Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dinner Roulette

My new game.

How to play. First you need a kitchen stocked with food of questionable origin. You know. Stuff that you wouldn’t eat on a dare and have no idea how it got there. Then you need a restaurant you like on a busy, busy street so parking is often impossible.

My current restaurant of choice is a little Spanish place right around the corner from where I work. They make the best roast pork and it comes with yellow rice, beans and fried plantains. Extremely cheap and enough food for two meals.

The point is to eat up all the weird food I’ve accumulated but to make it less painful with an occasional reward. Days when I really, really can’t face another strange meal I permit myself to stop for dinner. Yeah, I’d do that just about every day but there’s not always parking. On those days, I have to come home and eat something I have. Ah, now you’re getting it.

Last night I lost and had spaghettiO’s. Tonight I won and have my nummy roast pork and even got a meat-filled potato ball to go with it.

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