Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am so tired of people being rude and thoughtless I could just scream!

I work in an office. Fine. An office where people come in off the street to apply for jobs that may become available. Fine. People who sometimes take the application with them and bring it back later. Fine. Or people who sometimes sit down and fill out the application on the spot. Fine. People who sometimes bring other people with them who wait while they complete the application. Weird but fine.

If they sit quietly and wait, that is. However, when they want to sit in my space and yammer non-stop on their Bluetooth gizmo. Not fine. Loudly. Oh hell no, not at all fine! The man today had one of those booming voices that carry which he made absolutely no attempt to lower. He also had the volume on the earpiece turned up loud enough that I could hear that half of the conversation too. Talk about annoying! I was very close to tossing the application of the individual with him just for having such bad taste as to bring him with her to apply for a job. I resisted but it was damn hard!

Oh did I mention the keys? The keys that he sat there and fiddled with the entire time? The numerous keys that made lots of noise? I watched as they left. Yes, the keys belonged to the car parked right out front. The car where he should have waited instead of coming inside with her.

Yeah, in case you haven’t figured it out, I don’t much like people today.

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