Friday, January 29, 2010

Last Night

Pure panic
Terror strikes, swift and deep
Cutting me off from all things safe
Trapping me
Gripping me
Pinioning me to the vortex of evil
A new horror everywhere I turn
Screams fill the void sending shivers down my spine
I realize they are mine
Try as I might, I can’t silence them
On and on they echo
Adding to my fear for the shrieking draws the vile creatures
I sense their presence even before I hear their snarls
They come at me, clawing my shuddering form
Gouging my flesh
Leaving stripes flayed open
The smell of blood permeates the cavern
Sending the beasts in to a frenzy
They feed as I scream
Why don’t I die?
Sharp incisors tear hunks of meat from my living carcass
The pain is unbearable
The terror, crippling
I’m petrified, paralyzed
I can’t move to defend myself
The massacre wages on yet still I live
Soon they’re snapping open my bones
Sucking out the marrow
There’s nothing left yet I remain alert
The truth dawns
Another dream
Nothing to fear
My breathing slows
My tears dry
My trembling ceases
My throat is raw but I am fine
Until it begins anew…

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