Monday, January 11, 2010

I Indulged

By chance I wandered into a Yankee Candle store over the weekend. Yeah, I should know better but I was delusional and had a moment where I was positive I could resist the temptation. Boy, was I wrong!

After sniffing everything in sight I limited myself to three scents. Amazing, right? Patchouli, cinnamon, lime and, oh wait, make that four. Greenhouse which really does smell like warm growy things, kind of like the inside of an orchid house. I wasn’t so sure about it in the store but, after burning it yesterday, I’m very happy to have it.

While I was there I even got Howie a present. Now that he’s stopped smelling like crayons – I simply couldn’t let his taillight melt forever, I decided he needed a new image. Guess what I got him? You’re thinking lemon, aren’t you? Nope! Lime. Because the thought of having a little yellow car that smells like limes just made me laugh so hard I couldn’t resist. Howie thinks it’s funny too, in case you’re wondering. IF he hadn’t I was fully prepared to exchange it for something else but he was so happy I had to open it for him right there in the parking lot.

Oh, I should probably mention that Yankee Candle is having their semi-annual sale, should you now be inspired to race off to your local store. And if you look really pathetic the lovely individual may use a coupon at their discretion and give you the buy two-get two free special in addition to the sale price. See? I really wasn’t as badly behaved as it seems. I might even permit myself to go back again since there were flavors I did manage to leave without.


Molly Daniels said...

I'm a cucumber-melon fan myself, along with vanilla, cinnamon, or Christmas Cookie. Will have to investigate Greenhouse:)

Regina Carlysle said...

Greenhouse sounds wonderful. You know me, I'm a candle nut and I love yankee candles. I try to avoid candle stores because I always buy too many.