Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And In Today's News

I glanced through the newspaper again today. I don’t know why I keep doing that. The things I read are generally too bizarre. First, Reading is planning to eliminate the Water Authority. Why? Because they won’t play nice and turn over the money required by the Act 47 people. What perplexes me is that the Water Authority was created in the first place to funnel cash into the city’s general fund without needing the approval of the Public Utilities Commission. Um, if their whole purpose for existing is to generate income why do the board members now think they can withhold it? They also made the mistake of dictating to the mayor at a recent meeting how they think the city should be run. I suspect they’re not the brightest bunch. Where were they when the city government was asking for suggestions on how to get out of the financial bind it’s in?

Another article that caught my eye was that a man was detained at the Mexico City airport after authorities noticed a bulge under his clothes. Upon being search, 18 tiny titi monkeys, an endangered species, were found in pouches strapped to a girdle. Two were already dead. The man was arrested. What the hell was he thinking?

And then there’s the British judge who they want to remove because he supposedly condoned the mistreatment of terrorist suspects. Define mistreatment. If someone is plotting major harm against innocent people I say find out about it however you need to. There are things the public really has no need to know. We’re being protected. Knowing that is enough for me.

People in Reading are dumb. My opinion, of course and not all of them. Just the ones using sledgehammers to open fire hydrants that have been locked down after the same people opened them as a means of cooling off. They fail to understand that doing so up and down the same street will cause a severe drop in water pressure, thus making it very difficult for the fire department should they need water to fight a fire.

A man was shot and killed by the police in the wee hours Sunday morning. He was in the process of committing armed robbery and attempted to flee. Naturally he was chased. When an officer followed, the would-be robber shot at him. And the officer shot back. This happened a few blocks from my house and I live in a decent section of Reading. Once again the thought that I must move is running through my head.

And finally, there has been a scientific study conducted on the “five-second rule” for salvaging food after it’s dropped. According to the results, that is a random number and is nonsense. Location matters more than time. It’s better to eat off a sidewalk than it is off your kitchen floor, no matter how clean it is and never ever eat anything you’ve dropped in the bathroom. Hmm, don’t know about you but I don’t generally take food to the bathroom with me.

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