Friday, July 9, 2010


The 97th annual Tour de France is going on now and I'm missing it. It started July 3rd and runs through July 25th. There are twenty stages and the race covers a total distance of 3642 kilometers or 2263 miles.

Other years I’d have taken days off to watch a few of the stages live because I love it. This year I didn’t. I have no TV provider. Part of my decision to get rid of TV was because they dropped the channel that carries this race. Sure I could have switched back to the local cable company but I’ve already had too many disagreements with them. And they just announced they’re raising rates yet again.

I considered moving in at the bar on my corner since it is a sports bar with 32 big screen TVs. But then I’d need to eat there every day. And take my computer to work on during slow bits. And my cats would feel neglected so I’d need to take them with me as well. Harry would want to hang out in the kitchen, helping to cook. Quinn would shed all over everyone. Bix and Kya would sprawl wherever it’s most inconvenient and Beau would chew his way around the room.

I don’t think they’d be very happy with me. I’d want all the TVs tuned to the race, not just the one closest to me. Hey, don’t want to miss anything as I wander around to snag the kitties. Even though the tour is on live in the mornings some silly people would still want to watch soccer and tennis and those sorts of things. They don’t understand and I doubt they’d be reasonable when I tried to explain why we needed to switch back to the bike race.

Happy weekend!

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