Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Visiting the Medicine Man

I wandered off to visit my head doc today. Nope, nothing new out there. So he’s going to play with the dosage of the stuff I already take which should help. Either that or it’ll kill me. I got a whole slew of serious warnings on what I can and must never combine today since he has figured out I do that. And he’s anticipating a call from the insurance company where he’ll need to justify the meds he’s prescribed. I’m not all that concerned. He’s admitted to trying to kill me off for years and hasn’t succeeded to yet. One interesting thing is that the meds I take are supposed to cause “vivid” dreams. Interesting but I’ve had them forever, long before I started taking this stuff so I doubt I can blame it for them.

Heartstrings. Want to know where that comes from? Back in the fifteenth century, heartstrings were thought to be nerves or tendons that braced and sustained the heart. When they were tugged too hard you become heartsore, extremely unhappy or despondent. And once soothed, regaining your peace of mind you have heartsease. There you go, Doc. Curiosity satisfied?

Yeah, I’ve been going to this doc forever and we talk much more than just migraines. I think he likes when I come in. I’m not dying. Well, other than his feeble attempts to do away with me that is. So I figure I’m a fairly amusing break from some of his other patients.

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