Monday, July 19, 2010


Melua that is. Ever hear her? Well you should. I had her cd, Pictures playing in the background this afternoon and found myself entranced. Her voice is sweet and clear very easy to get lost in. So soothing.

Yeah, I’m still in need of soothing. It’s still hot. My head still hurts. I’m still not sleeping. I’m going to see the head doc this week. Maybe he’ll have something new and wonderful for me to try. Meh, I doubt it too. It hasn’t been all that long since the last time I was there and he’d call me if there was anything new available between appointments. I’m beginning to give up hope that I’ll ever wake up without a headache again. Especially since I’d need to be asleep first for that to happen.

I’ve been thinking about it and I really can’t figure out what I did to piss someone off this much. Whatever it was, I’m sorry. Could you please stop jabbing the voodoo doll now? And tell me what it was I did so I don’t do it again. On the other hand, maybe I'm just a horrible, awful person who deserves this. Who knows?

I managed to work on my current WIP a little over the weekend. My characters have decided to speak to me again but only at 4:00 AM. I guess it’s marginally cooler then and that makes them talkative. I feel really bad. Even though Brett, the hero has sufficiently redeemed himself, he still annoys me for being such an ass at the beginning of the story. Sigh. It’s not easy, disliking someone who lives in my head like this. Makes me feel guilty. I may have to change his story. Or maybe not. I think I’ll read the whole story all at once instead of bits and pieces as I’ve been doing and see if it all fits or not.

Okay, that’s enough rambling for today. Perhaps I’ll do better at this tomorrow. Then again, I might get closer to writing down the things that flit through my mind uncensored. Hahaha! I don’t know if you’re ready for that yet.

Wait, one last tidbit. My horoscope for the day — You tend to rely on your instincts quite a bit, but now you're drawing on even deeper wisdom -- the stuff that bubbles up now and then that seems spooky to others. Act on your intuition. Hmm, how’s that for scary?

And yes, I wouldn't mind having that T-shirt. You know. Just in case you were wondering about it, I thought I'd let clear that up for you.

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