Thursday, July 1, 2010

Take Me

With you. To the beach. Camping. To your picnics. Wherever you may be headed this holiday weekend. My new book, Second Act, that is. Well, I suppose you could literally take me too. If you do, I’ll read Second Act to you. Hmm, that sounds even better. Email me and we’ll talk.

In the meantime, Second Act releases from Jasmine Jade tomorrow, July 2nd. It’s short, sweet and nicely spicy. A story about two old friends who get a second chance. And the perfect length for an afternoon at the pool.


Martin Binks has made it big in Hollywood but there’s something missing from his life. When he heads back to his home town to regroup, he finds it in his high school pal, Josie, now a grown woman with curves in all the right places.

Josie Weston is thrilled when Binks walks back into her life. Not sharing her feelings for him was the one regret she’s always had. She was too timid to act on her fantasies when they were younger but now…


As she mounted the stairs, Josie's heart threatened to pound a hole in her
chest. Martin Binks, the one schoolgirl crush she'd never gotten over, back in
town. And looking even more handsome than ever, if that were possible. Amazing
that he should remember her after all the experiences he must have had since

"Perfect timing," Binks declared, taking the pizza box from her. When his
fingers brushed hers, she shivered and had to gulp to keep from drooling. He'd
apparently hopped in the shower while she was gone. His sun-blond hair was still
damp and he was now wearing a faded denim shirt that brought out the blue in his
eyes. His chest was toned and tan, very obvious beneath the unbuttoned shirt.

Binks groaned. "Damn it, Josie. Don't do that."

"Do," her voice cracked and she had to begin again. "Do what?

"Look at me like that."

"Like what? "she asked, confused.

"Like you did that night backstage. When you were helping with the costume
change and I whipped off my drawers along with my pants," he hesitated. "I've
never forgotten that. How it felt with you staring at me. I was surprised you
weren't horrified."

"I was fascinated. I'd never seen anyone naked before. And then, when you
started to get hard–"

"How could I not? You were kneeling at my feet so close I could feel your
breath, looking at me like you wanted to touch me."

"I did."

Binks closed his eyes for a second. "Fuck."

Josie blushed. "I probably shouldn't admit that, should I?"

"Why not? With my reaction, it's no secret that I wanted you to."

Their eyes met. "Do you know in all this time no one's ever looked at me like
that or made me feel like you did?"

"Oh right." She tried to laugh it off. What was he saying? He couldn't possibly
mean it the way it sounded.

"Hey, it's true." He caught her arm before she could turn away. "I had myself
convinced it couldn't have been as powerful as I remembered but now I know it
was. It still is." He shifted, holding her with one hand on either hip. "Even

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