Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Finally! Someone took me seriously and arrived by my desk this morning with a more than appropriate offering in order to secure office supplies. I am very much appreciative and will be sharing all the good stuff I keep tucked away that no one knows about.

Want to know what it was that secured the treasures I keep hidden? A Lindt Excellence bar. Dark chocolate infused with spicy red chili. Oh yeah, is it yummy! Ultra rich dark chocolate with just a hint of a heat. Excellence is a great choice of name for it.

And this is on top of someone else bringing in tins and tins of Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies yesterday and Bliss milk chocolate with meltaway centers last week. Yep, it’s taken a while but some of them at least are beginning to understand.

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Smut Girl said...

oh! i was wondering about this. now i will spring to try it. i might even share with the man! :)