Monday, July 12, 2010

Talent Show Finale Unexpected

A talent show was held at Demon Bluffs Elementary School on Saturday evening. Seventeen students, grades 2-6 participated, presenting a wide variety of acts, from song and dance, to violin playing, to recitations of original poetry.

It was a tough decision for the judges. According to Mrs. Stemple, mother of Sallie Anne, a ten-year-old crooner, “The children all worked their precious tails off in preparation for this event. Competition is always fierce and this year is no exception.” In the end it was Johnnie Fischbrook, a fifth grader, who won with his rendition of a Bach Fugue performed on the piano.

After little Johnnie was declared the victor, he took his place on the raised platform to the rear of the stage to accept his well deserved applause. It was then the audience members who were all seated in the very front rows reached beneath their seats and pulled forth sacks of rocks. Over and over the fist-sized projectiles flew to the stage, striking the remaining sixteen children who had joined hands to support one another.

The faculty circulated among the audience, replenishing the supply of rocks and the stoning continued until all the non-winners were masses of faceless pulp. As Sallie Anne, hair matted with blood, dress splattered crimson, gurgled her last breath in the near empty auditorium her mother said, “This’ll be a good example for my other kids to try harder. The talent show always inspires the whole school to do the best they can.”

Well, you can certainly never say my dreams are boring.


anny cook said...

Interesting incentive...

Acting Contest said...

haha great look y kid :)